“Is Consulting Career Right for You?”

There are still questions around what exactly consulting job is about. Some people may want to have consultant title just because it looks good on their resume, some assumes this is a good pay job, some may have different perspective due to past experience such as they just put together an expensive report and move on. Anyway, when this kind of questions occur to you, as a professional consultant, you should be able to explain what consultants actually do and what clients will get from deliverables.

Consultant life commonly involves numbers of travelling which for a short period of time, especially at the beginning, it can be fun due to everything is new and expectation of travelling to places would be just like vacationing while working. Well, it could be like that but when the reality of doing consulting job hits you; working are around the clock while checking in and out from hotel to hotel and having pressure from due dates with unstopped change requests from clients, you will start to appreciate what they pay you for. Consulting job can be compared to going to school, but it is another level up compared to regular schooling from universities. The big differences are that, for consulting job, what you will get at the end of the assignment is not GPA grading, pass fail results, or diploma but instead the real feedback from your clients which will verify whether you are capable to deliver what you are expected to do. Of course, along the way, it requires good understanding of the subject, technical skill and related experience, excellent analytical proficiency, good communication, patient and customer service mindset, and most importantly is positive attitude with problem solving capability. One day while I was traveling on a plane, a wiseman who sat next to me gave me advice; as a consultant, if you expect to have a good life while doing consulting job, you are going to a wrong path, instead what you should look for is life after being a consultant because it will lead you to many opportunities as long as you follow good practices and be respectful to your profession.

To summarize, consulting job is to help clients achieve one of these two goals or both: operational improvement and business development. Operational improvement will deliver outcomes in forms of increasing revenues, reducing costs, and optimizing processes, which all these results are to refine existing operations and improve bottom line of the business. As for business development consulting, there are two tracks: vertical and horizontal. Vertical Business Development (VBD) is considered to be a traditional strategy used to scale up and continue with new services or products within the existing lines of business by getting deeper into the market and understanding specifically what customers really want. Differently but same objective, Horizonal Business Development (HBD) is a strategy for expanding business with new products or services into new markets: either new geographies or new business domains. Scaling the business horizontally will typically confront additional challenges, unfamiliar and new unique obstacles. Eventually, as a consultant, both of these goals are for companies to maintain and gain more revenue, sustain business growth, and strengthen positioning in order to successfully continue their business. Lastly, our commitment is to help clients grow and be more successful both internally and externally. If this message excites you, consulting job might be right for you.